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игры кассир деньги

Игры кассир деньги

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игры кассир деньги

Cashier in the supermarket. Games for kids Hippo Kids Games Educational. Add to Wishlist. There is a new mall in the Hippo town!

Игры кассир деньги new educational game is waiting for you! A skilled and responsible cashier is needed to the kids supermarket.

игры кассир деньги

The игры кассир деньги of the supermarket should be able to use barcode scanner and PIN pad for credit cards. In our shop you need to serve clients very fast, count cash money, give the correct change, weigh fruits and vegetables with electronic scales and so on.

Игры Касса / Кассир / Продавец играем во весь экран бесплатно:

Our new mall simulator is a funny educational game for boys and girls! Any shopping always ends up with a cashier. The wish to visit our shop one more time depends on the mood customer has when he goes from the supermarket.

The more regular игры кассир деньги we have, the better is selling. Only skilled and experienced cashier игры кассир деньги serve голден драгон игра с выводом денег and make them happy and satisfied.

But it is not enough to scan barcode on the conveying belt, count cash money fast, and pack игры кассир деньги in the brand packets.

игры кассир деньги

You should know how to act in any unexpected situations. What to do if scanner cannot read purchase barcode or the tape of the cash register ends up?

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What игры кассир деньги do when the client with a bad mood does not как вернуть деньги с игры плей маркет to pay for purchases, or there is not any price on the products?

How to get out the stuck receipt and find a correct product игры кассир деньги the showcase? What uniform to choose to make the supermarket manager happy and at the same time to make the security let us in? How is it better to pay for the purchases, with a credit card or banknotes? And what to do if the conveying belt is broken? The answers to all this questions you could find in our new kids game Supermarket Cashier.

Are you ready to serve clients and make them happy игры кассир деньги with Hippo? Choose the most beautiful uniform, smile to the security and start working. Let your selling be funny! Kids supermarket has prepared new interesting and exciting games for boys and girls.

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Игры кассир деньги



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